“Hot tub” – refers to the Hot tub itself, any removable or internal parts, filtration system and filters, pump, the lid and lifting mechanism, external wood panelling and steps.

“Guest” – refers to every guest in the party (and includes any person visiting the guest at Frog by the Sea)

Hours of use

1. The Hot tub will not be available for use between the hours of 7am and 10am each morning to allow water testing, cleaning and maintenance. For guest safety and enjoyment the owners adhere to frequent water testing. This involves frequently testing the water quality and treating it where necessary with the use of Hot Tub chemicals (including chlorine). If a chemical is needed the Hot Tub is not usually available for use for two hours afterwards. The owners will endeavour not to disturb guests during these hours but will need to access the garden and Hot Tub during these hours (and briefly to test water quality during other times of day but will endeavour to do this when guests are out).

2. The Hot tub, garden and conservatory will not be available after 7am on Departure day to enable preparation for the next guests. The Hot Tub is drained, throughly cleaned and refilled on every guest changeover.

Before arrival at Frog by the Sea

3. The Hot Tub disclaimer form must be signed and returned before arrival, the hot tub may not be used unless a signed disclaimer has been received.

4. Anyone with a medical condition should seek professional medical advice before using the hot tub

5. Pregnant women should seek professional medical advice before using the hot tub.

6. Guests should seek professional medical advice regarding water temperature and the recommended time spent in a hot tub. Prolonged time soaking in water temperatures above body temperature is not advisable and can be dangerous.

7. Children – Guests should obtain professional medical advice regarding the safety and suitability of children using a hot tub. Children should be supervised at all times.

8. Guests may like to bring some appropriate footwear to wear for walking between the cottage and the hot tub Complimentary hot tub towels and modesty robes (standard adult size) are provided.

General terms and conditions of use

9. If the water becomes unusable through guest misuse (particularly from fake tan or soiling) and it is necessary to drain, clean and refill the Hot tub before the guest departure date a charge of £50 will be made (the Hot Tub may not be useable the rest of that day while it refills and heats). If the Hot tub or water is persistently misused the use of the Hot tub may be withdrawn for the rest of the guest stay.

10. Any damage by a guest to the Hot Tub through misuse, or breach of terms and conditions will be charged for.

11. GLASS, CHINA, or sharp objects (including jewellery) are not permitted in or near the Hot Tub. (some plastic picnic glasses are in the cottage kitchen for guests to enjoy a drink in the garden area).

12. Guests should not submerge heads beneath the water or swallow the water.

12.1 Diving, and jumping in is not permitted.

12.2 Guests should not create unreasonable noise (including loud music), particularly after 11pm at night.

13. Guests are not permitted to add oils, perfumes or any substances to the Hot tub or to the water

14. Dogs are not permitted in the Hot tub.

15. Guests should not use any electrical device in or near the Hot tub.

16. It is thought that Chlorine (used to maintain water quality) potentially could leave a green tinge in artificially coloured hair (blonde in particular) as sometimes happens in swimming pools.

17. If the Hot tub is not working properly this must be reported immediately, and the owners will investigate and arrange an engineer as soon as possible.

18. The hot tub should not be used during adverse weather conditions (including extreme temperatures, high wind, and thunder and lightening).

19. Guests should replace the hot tub cover after each use and always before exiting the garden.

20. Smoking, eating, and drinking is not permitted in the hot tub.

21. Guests should not use the hot tub if unwell, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Before using the Hot Tub

22. Guests should read the operating instructions in the Garden Conservatory, and safety Instructions on the Garden fence near the Hot tub.

23. Guests should shower before using the hot tub. Fake Tan, deodorants, perfumes etc can cause water discolouration and a “scum” or foam to form which is difficult to remove. The more the water is challenged, the more chemicals will be needed to maintain water quality.

24. Long hair should be tied up, and loose or sharp jewellery removed

25. Please rinse feet in the bowl provided (near the hot tub) using a little water taken from the hot

26. Guests should take care getting in and out of the Hot tub.

27. Guests should Shower after using the Hot tub to avoid skin irritation.


Name   ……………………………………………………………

Signed …………………………………………………………..

Date ……………………………………………………………….

Date of stay …………………………………………………..

Please download, scan and return this to Frog by the Sea at

If you have no facility to scan and return please send a brief email stating your date of stay, and acknowledging acceptance of these terms and conditions or sign it and post this back to us at Frogmore Farm, Chideock, Bridport, Dorset. DT6 6HT. United Kingdom

By acknowledging acceptance of these terms and conditions you are agreeing to abide by the conditions stated. If you do not acknowledge and agree, you have no right to use the Hot Tub at Frog by the Sea.